Design Analysis Assignment

The Logo I chose to analyze for this week’s assignment is the Supreme Logo. This logo is iconic, it is so relevant in our generation and all over the place. I wanted to dig deeper and figure out what makes this distinctive red box logo so special.

The Original Supreme Logo is the one we all know and recognize. Supreme is a streetwear clothing brand established in New York City in 1994. Since then it has grown into a brand that celebrities and college kids alike sport. Supreme’s Logo is used all over advertising. The brand even did a collaboration with Louis Vuitton where products sold out in a matter of seconds.

I chose the Supreme Logo when I saw this statistic. I thought it was very interesting they have the highest Instagram like/follower ratio of all modern fashion companies. I wanted to dig deeper into what about this certain company captures its millennial/generation z audience so much. As a marketing major, I knew it had to do with the company’s branding and the way they have positioned themselves over the years.
Here I have identified the grid system used to design the Supreme Logo. This grid system is simple, but it works. The grid clearly helps align the logo to create a perfectly rectangle look. There is the same amount of space on the top and bottom of the red square, just as there is the same amount of space on the right and left side creating a symmetrical look. The red box is the first thing your eye is drawn to, which signals it is the most important thing for the reader to see.
The font used in the Supreme Logo is Futura, Heavy Obilique. Futura was a font invented to capture the modernism of its time. It is closely linked to equality, democratization, globalism and even socialism. The logo is based heavily on Barbara Kruger’s propaganda work.
The colors used in the Supreme Logo are simple, yet bold. They are powerful colors that are recognizable at first sight. We learned in class that red is supposed to ignite feelings within a consumer, it is a powerful color. It creates excitement. I believe Supreme had this in mind when they chose this color for their logo. They also stuck with a white for their second color, just to show how important the red was. The white creates negative space so the eye does not get distracted while reading the company name.

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