Personal Logo

When I first started on my sketches for my personal logo, I found it very difficult to come up with so many designs. I started drawing and drawing trying to get any idea I could out of my head. I found these sketches sloppy and I was dissatisfied with them. They were a learning process, however. They taught me I needed to take a step back and really think about what I wanted my logo to say about me. I knew I wanted the logo to include my name, either Mollissa, Molly, or my initials. I also knew I wanted my design to be simple. I love black and white and I love when something is aesthetically pleasing to look at without trying too hard. I wanted my logo to embody this. So I began my second round of sketching…

After completing 30 or so sketches, I picked the three I liked the best and iterated upon them to see if there was any thing else I liked more. I played around with the curves, thickness, and space between the letters. This phase really helped me as I figured out different ways I wanted to write “Molly” or draw the “b.”

Refined Sketch 1
Refined Sketch 2
Refined Sketch 3

Pictured below is the final design for my logo. I chose this logo because I believe it really portrayed the simplicity I was looking for. When designing things whether it be a poster or a website, I love using thin text. One of my favorite fonts to use in Illustrator and Photoshop is Avenir Next Ultra Thin. Sometimes this text can be hard to read in paragraphs but I love how it looks in headings and logos. I wanted to imitate something similar to this font in my sketch. Moving forward, if I were to take my logo digital, I would look for a font similar to Avenir Next Ultra Thin, and in a cursive variation for the “b”. Or I would draw it myself with a digital surface and pen.

The Final Logo

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