Readings 2.13

Design Elements

Chapter 1

In this chapter, we learn that all graphic design centers around manipulating form. Form is considered a positive element as in a solid object or element. Space is considered a negative element, as in the absence of form. It is impossible to alter one without altering the other. The context in which form appears, and the space it occupies, will change its perceived meaning. The most basic types of form are the dot and the line. Aside from these, there are also shapes, which can be in their most organic form. Space is inactive until it has been broken by form. You can activate or separate space with form.

The Power of Empty Space

In design, empty space is visual silence. Silence is needed in everyday activities and is a regular part of things. For designs to feel natural there needs to be empty space. White space does not always have to be white either. Using black as empty space can emulate a heavy feeling which can add to your design. Empty space can also be used to emphasize size.

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