Softly Structured

Partner was Cookie Jeter

The Space we are using in this poster is balanced space. The text and cup are centered in the middle and the two separate hands reaching from various sides mirror each other, creating a balanced look that is not entirely symmetrical.

In the movie, “Softly Structured,” two completely opposite characters fall in love in this dramatic chick flick. Dave Smith, played by Jude Law, is at the peek of his life. He’s never done better in his career and is on the fast track to being featured on Forbes “30 Under 30.” He lives a very structured life. Dave has always had a job, always been responsible, and never not put work first. Dave’s structured life has caused him to forgot what having fun is like. On the other hand, Millie Lane, played by Emilia Clark, has too much fun. She has never worked a day in her life and responsibility is not in her vocabulary. She comes from a well off family that has never pushed her in the direction to hold a job. However after the death of a family member and a very serious ultimatum, Millie is forced to make some serious life decisions. Between one coffee shop and two characters who could not be more different, “Softly Structured” takes its audience on an unexpected and thrilling love story!

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