Readings 2.20

Design Elements

Chapter 3: Type

Text is so much more than the letters and words it portrays. The tone, tempo, structure, size, all determine the personalities of text and the story it is trying to tell. In order to legibly read a font, it all depends on the style of the font and the spacing and size that come with it. The letterforms in all typefaces vary from their archetypes in only 6 aspects: case, contrast, weight, width, posture, and style. Typefaces can have feelings. They can feel heavy or light, slow or fast. When combining typefaces, it is best to just select two to not make the piece you are working with too busy.

The Left Digit Effect

Research has found the consumers overweigh the left most digit on prices. We have a larger emotional recreation to $29.99 and $30.00, thinking the difference is much larger than just $0.01. This subconscious emotional recreation makes us think the difference is around a $1.00 or more. This effect occurs because we read from left to right. This strategy is not always good, as it indicates a discount and you do not want your consumers thinking that if you want them to assume high quality

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