My three words were Disruption, Transition, and Migration. The most difficult part about this assignment was choosing words that had a deeper meaning to them that could be conveyed by the way their text was depicted. I knew I wanted to choose words that implied a sense of motion as I felt like I could portray that in Illustrator. Below are my three final designs.


Helvetica Response

In this type documentary, many artists talk about their opinions on the font Helvetica and how it is used and executed in past designs and in todays designs. The movie goes into the strengths and weaknesses of Helvetica. Some strengths of the font include it is very simple, meaning it is very legible and clear. It is celebrated for its use of white space between characters which help with the legibility and is pleasing for the eye to look at. There are two looks on Helvetica: Modernist and Post Modernist, a.k.a. those who love it and those who hate it. The purpose of modernism is function over form, whereas post modernism rejects function and accepts expressive form.

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