Add for Grad: Final Project

Molly Bedard and Cookie Jeter

About & Inspiration

For the final assignment, we decided to go with Option 2. We interviewed a few of our friends and students in various classes to learn about what people felt like they were missing at our age. There was a main theme among every one we asked: money. Saving money. Spending money. Running out of money. As seniors approaching graduation, almost everyone is worried about coming off their parents account and starting off brand new. People are stressed on how they are going to afford rent, utilities, meals, and pleasure in the life after college. Our friends also were worried about student loans. About half of the people we interviewed were attending grad school after college and had no idea where to start on saving their money and surviving in the real world.

Add for Grad is the solution to the grad student’s dilemma. It is a budgeting app specifically made for grad students to help them save and spend appropriately. Grad students have the opportunity to put their weekly spend goal, various hobbies, and how much they want to save to afford grad school. The app will then track their performance and send push notifications letting them know how they are doing and when they are failing. The app is easy to use and perfect for anyone fresh out of college.

Define and Ideation

Initial Ideas

  • Budgeting app for grad students
  • App that has special restaurant deals
  • App that sends you coupons for what you buy
  • App that questions your buying choices based on location
  • App that sends recipes so you don’t eat out as much
  • App that sends you workouts to do at home so you don’t pay for the gym
  • App that helps you budget your errands so you waste less gas
  • Piggy bank that doesn’t open until a certain date
  • App that gives you rewards based on how much you save
  • Scratch map as you save
  • An app that rewards you for good grades (study money)
  • Log study time for rewards
  • App that shows you how your job salary after grad school changes as you pay each semester
  • App that shows you clubs/groups to join at your new location for school
  • App that shows how to invest while still in school “stocks for dummies”
  • App that helps you budget your time instead of just money (gym, study, job)
  • Card similar to flatiron meal plan but you can spend at certain places (gas stations, grocery stores)
  • Shock shoes when you spend money
  • Wallet that locks your card so you can’t use it
  • Subscription service to food delivery – 2 meals a week for monthly price

After brainstorming this list, we chose our two favorite ideas and expanded upon them. We made app prototypes for both. With each prototype we drew out we thought of more and more features we could add. In the end we decided we did not want to abandon one of our ideas, but instead combine them into one single app. This app would overall be a budgeting app for grad students but would also include a page, “Study Money,” where students would be rewarded for good grades and studying hard.





Headings: HWT Unit Gothic 719

Content: Avenir Next


With money being such a taboo topic, we wanted both our text and color scheme to be lighthearted and pleasant. We played around with a few fonts and came to the decision to make our heading font lively and our content font informative. We chose to not incorporate a sans serif because it made our text look too stuffy. We knew our users were young and playful, and wanted a font that imitated this.

Final Design

Art boards

Link to Invision App

Link to User Experience Video

Pain Points

  • The iPhone X pre-set on Adobe Illustrator does not account for the Mic/Camera section that Indesign puts on the iPhone X design for effects (in order to make it look like a real iPhone). In build mode, you also do not realize this black bar that will be placed on your design so it was not until the very end after it was all built that we realized this.
  • Not everyone owns an iPhone X so the design was hard to translate from phone to phone.

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