Readings 3.4

Design Elements

Chapter 5

In this chapter, we learn about how to put all the key concepts of the previous chapter together. Design really comes together when all components put forward are interrelated. A grid is a nice way to achieve the structure of a design. A column grid could be used because of its level of flexibility. For extremely complex projects, a modular grid may be best. Designers may also approach a grid depending on text size and shape. The width of text may determine how many columns the page may have and the amount of negative space there is, creating a grid system. A grid is only affective if it creates a visual narrative.


My three words were Disruption, Transition, and Migration. The most difficult part about this assignment was choosing words that had a deeper meaning to them that could be conveyed by the way their text was depicted. I knew I wanted to choose words that implied a sense of motion as I felt like I could portray that in Illustrator. Below are my three final designs.


Helvetica Response

In this type documentary, many artists talk about their opinions on the font Helvetica and how it is used and executed in past designs and in todays designs. The movie goes into the strengths and weaknesses of Helvetica. Some strengths of the font include it is very simple, meaning it is very legible and clear. It is celebrated for its use of white space between characters which help with the legibility and is pleasing for the eye to look at. There are two looks on Helvetica: Modernist and Post Modernist, a.k.a. those who love it and those who hate it. The purpose of modernism is function over form, whereas post modernism rejects function and accepts expressive form.

Readings 2.20

Design Elements

Chapter 3: Type

Text is so much more than the letters and words it portrays. The tone, tempo, structure, size, all determine the personalities of text and the story it is trying to tell. In order to legibly read a font, it all depends on the style of the font and the spacing and size that come with it. The letterforms in all typefaces vary from their archetypes in only 6 aspects: case, contrast, weight, width, posture, and style. Typefaces can have feelings. They can feel heavy or light, slow or fast. When combining typefaces, it is best to just select two to not make the piece you are working with too busy.

The Left Digit Effect

Research has found the consumers overweigh the left most digit on prices. We have a larger emotional recreation to $29.99 and $30.00, thinking the difference is much larger than just $0.01. This subconscious emotional recreation makes us think the difference is around a $1.00 or more. This effect occurs because we read from left to right. This strategy is not always good, as it indicates a discount and you do not want your consumers thinking that if you want them to assume high quality


Softly Structured

Partner was Cookie Jeter

The Space we are using in this poster is balanced space. The text and cup are centered in the middle and the two separate hands reaching from various sides mirror each other, creating a balanced look that is not entirely symmetrical.

In the movie, “Softly Structured,” two completely opposite characters fall in love in this dramatic chick flick. Dave Smith, played by Jude Law, is at the peek of his life. He’s never done better in his career and is on the fast track to being featured on Forbes “30 Under 30.” He lives a very structured life. Dave has always had a job, always been responsible, and never not put work first. Dave’s structured life has caused him to forgot what having fun is like. On the other hand, Millie Lane, played by Emilia Clark, has too much fun. She has never worked a day in her life and responsibility is not in her vocabulary. She comes from a well off family that has never pushed her in the direction to hold a job. However after the death of a family member and a very serious ultimatum, Millie is forced to make some serious life decisions. Between one coffee shop and two characters who could not be more different, “Softly Structured” takes its audience on an unexpected and thrilling love story!

Readings 2.13

Design Elements

Chapter 1

In this chapter, we learn that all graphic design centers around manipulating form. Form is considered a positive element as in a solid object or element. Space is considered a negative element, as in the absence of form. It is impossible to alter one without altering the other. The context in which form appears, and the space it occupies, will change its perceived meaning. The most basic types of form are the dot and the line. Aside from these, there are also shapes, which can be in their most organic form. Space is inactive until it has been broken by form. You can activate or separate space with form.

The Power of Empty Space

In design, empty space is visual silence. Silence is needed in everyday activities and is a regular part of things. For designs to feel natural there needs to be empty space. White space does not always have to be white either. Using black as empty space can emulate a heavy feeling which can add to your design. Empty space can also be used to emphasize size.

Illustrator Drawing

I knew I wanted to create an object that I was familiar with for this first project with shapes. Chanel No. 5 is my favorite perfume. I pick up the bottle every day and am very familiar with its shape so I decided to take it digitally. The biggest challenge I faced was the cap to the bottle. It is an intricate crystal design and it was difficult getting the color and curves correct. Another challenge I faced was trying to get the bottle to look three dimensional instead of two dimensional. I overcame this problem by adding a drop shadow. I overcame the intricate curves by doing and redoing them until I was happy with the outcome. It was very helpful at first tracing an image to practice how specific shapes are supposed to work together to form a bigger object, a.k.a. a perfume bottle in my case.

Color Zine

For my adjective, I chose GLOSSY. The color palette I found for this adjective speaks to it because it is very PINK, very cute, very girly. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear glossy is lip gloss. When I searched for this adjective on Adobe Color what came up most were different shades of pink. From this I had the idea to create a makeup magazine and call it Glossy.

Color Hue Test

Achieved a Perfect Score of 0!